Network Marketing Leadership Development

In 2016, MULTIPLY launched two global Simulcasts that collectively reached 50,000+ independent business owners, both live and on-demand, in 79 countries. We were honored to faciliate leadership specific training, delivered by legends in the business and some of the finest, up-and-coming stars in Network Marketing & Direct Sales.

John C. Maxwell's online Class

Right now, MULTIPLY is helping John Maxwell identify top Network Marketing leaders who will be trained by John himself, filmed as an expert, and showcased in his new 15 Laws of Growth online Class. In the coming month, the Summer semester will be available for a short window of time, as enrollment is limited.

The Gathering

Hand-selected leaders in Network Marketing will be meeting with Dr. John Maxwell for an exclusive 2-day Faculty Workshop, at the John Maxwell Leadership Center - this June. If you know someone in your company who fits the bill, feel free to nominate them today!

Why? —John's vision

John wants to help equip one million leaders in Network Marketing through his new 15 Laws of Growth Class. It's an integral part of his Legacy. With the right leaders behind the 15 laws of Growth, this will happen. Lives will change, businesses will grow.

The content here is off the chain. We're surrounded by so many amazing people.

—Tammy Smith, 8 figure earner

What? —the master plan

John asked MULTIPLY to vet top influencers in the industry who will have the opportunity to be featured as a Faculty member in his new 15 Laws of Growth Class. Their influence and reach are crucial to the Maxwell growth strategy for the upcoming semester.

So many qualified leaders, who've done the work. I've never seen anything like it.

—Holton Buggs, Network Marketing's #2 income earner-2015

Who? —we're looking for

Faculty must meet these criteria: represent high-level achievers who align with John's leadership and personal growth passion, are capable of teaching how they apply 1 of the Laws to their business, and must get behind the goal of reaching one million people.

The best of the best - John Maxwell. There's no one better to learn from.

—Becky Bursell, 7 figure earner

We're Now Taking Nominations!

To nominate someone you believe qualifies to be considered for Faculty in John's Class, simply fill out the form below.

Faculty Qualifications

Here's a short list of what we're looking for:

  • Must be a John Maxwell fan
  • Balances success with humility
  • Capable teacher and communicator
  • One of the top achievers in their company
  • Has a passion for personal development and leadership

What happens when you nominate

  • We congratulate them for getting nominated
  • We check their interest in the Maxwell project
  • If all goes well, they meet with our Selection Committee for next steps

Whom are you nominating?

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