No Branded Talks

We have a strict “no fly zone” at this event that forbids any mention of products, company logos or brands, or distribution in any form of recruiting materials. Trust and integrity are at the heart of everything we stand for and that goes for our presenters, hosts, and event workforce, as well.

You can rest assured that our presenters will not be promoting their companies, nor will they be edifying anything other than the power of leadership and their unwavering belief in this industry, as one of the greatest vehicles for freedom in existence today.

Integrity Policy

The MULTIPLY team understands and encourages attendees to learn business building techniques and best practices for growing their direct selling organization, straight from their company and Upline leadership only.

While we are big believers in this industry , to maintain the integrity of offering a multi-organizational event and our strict product/company agnostic approach, our MULTIPLY team has elected to stay neutral when it comes to building a networking business. This means that our staff is currently not building a direct selling business of their own, at this time.